I quit

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  1. I began learning how to trade at a prop firm 4 months ago, and the only thing I learned there is how hard I suck.

    Time to find another way to feed myself.
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    Good bye. Good luck with your next venture. If you quit after four months, you might want to try something easier. I hear Mcdonald's is still hiring. You should succeed at that after about 4 minutes.
  3. thanx for signing up so you can make a useless post about your useless life. some advice: just go jump off a building now.

  4. Take comfort in the fact that you're ahead of the 90% of "traders" in ET.
  5. Please don't beat yourself up too bad. This is a tough business even for the best traders. Consider this, it's not a crime to fail in America. The ability to fail and begin again is part of what makes this country great!

    Good luck! :(
  6. You should use other peoples money. This way you never have to quit.
  7. Good luck to you. At least you did trade for a while and you are honest to say that you lost. Most here are hopeless and clueless programmers, trader wannabes, and just listen to this and laugh hard: I get the impression they believe the secret to trading success is the fine line between C++ and C#. I have estimated that 75% of the posters in these threads have never traded, a good portion of them are eastern europeans trying to get ideas or customers.

    The only thing I can tell you is that your prop firm made you a big favor to make you feel like a sucker that soon, they could have kept you on life support for a few years giving you false hopes and dreams.
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    I think you just saved yourself a lot of time and money.
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    You were at a prop firm using QuoteTracker and IQFeed?
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    god i just hope this isn't another one of those troll spamming bs posts again..........
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