I pulled 26 points out of ES today

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mr Subliminal, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. Just stumbled across New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's website and I must say that it is both highly informative and extremely helpful. Some of the reports and articles are bone-chilling - I took the liberty of pulling out 26 points which, to me, summarize the raison d'etre of his office, and will present them in an upcoming post.

  2. Looking forward to it, Mr. Subliminal. You are the last of a breed here that I can learn from.
  3. Magna

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    You da MAN, unlike those wannabees who pull a paltry (ahem) 37 pts out of the NQ. Keep on truckin'... :cool:
  4. LOL.

    I wouldn't short ES.
  5. those that know trade, those that don't moderate. keep your shorts pulled tight magna :D
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    Damn, was hoping to slip that earlier comment past you, can't get nothing by my old buddy. :)
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    Mr. Sub your humor is deserving of a larger audience.
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    I am going to boycott this post.
    I am sticking with my buddy LongShot.
    So there.:p
  9. glad to have you cathy. stick with the winners. :cool: