I prove that 99% of you can't make it, Ironically this thread helps improve your odds

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  1. this thread slightly improves your odds of making it as a trader but honestly not by much, maybe 0.5% or so

    well lets not mince words, lets jump right in

    ES trades different from YM,
    MSFT trades different from IBM
    OIL trades different from CORN
    FX trades different from stocks

    you people out there have enough trouble as it is with single sector or instrument

    now imagine having to change your trading when you switch to different stock

    AND NOW IMAGINE even if you stay will single stock you learned

    it too in 1-5 years will change how it trends and chops etc

    to be a good trader, you have to be extremely serious about this job, and I don't think many of you are

    99% of you don't stand a chance
  2. I know there is nothing to say after this, but the good news is

    It Can Be Done

    so I guess.......never give up........never surrender
  3. in the mean time eat rice and canned fish

    that's what I do :eek:
  4. do you not sleep regular hrs or something?
  5. no I don't, I collapsed under my own brilliance

    lost my mind, been looking for it for few years now :D

    I am still better off, most never had their mind to begin with


    its not your fault, you are what you are
  6. a simple yes or no would have sufficed
  7. and not remind you where you stand

    I think not :cool:
  8. above you, I don't need reminding. But thanks anyways :)

  9. that's not what you said to me as we were in orgasmic trance

    you yelled, yeahh do me, do me :p :p

    I am sick I know :p
  10. holy crap! Yes you ARE :D

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