I propose a radical idea, it came to me from a PROP shop

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by C- kid, May 26, 2008.

  1. C- kid

    C- kid

    here is what happened, PROP shop will teach new people basics, but PROP will not and I repeat will not teach new traders established methods that bring home the bacon

    now this got me thinking,

    I asked myself, well why don't I open up a prop shop, why don't I open up a brokerage house or a signaling service company, after all it would be more money

    but then it occurred to me that instead of opening up these companies, I could just trade more instruments and make money, I could hire some help, and trade more instruments, I could trade world wide markets

    if I need more money I can scale UP,

    if I need more money I could move into options, I could even move into FX,

    ultimately if I need more money I could start a hedge fund and zoom out my timeframe and MAKE MORE MONEY

    so what am I saying here,

    pure and simple truth

    Prop shops, brokerage houses, signaling services, they can not trade, if they could trade they would find that world wide markets are big enough
  2. i don't see the radical part....
  3. wenzi


    Yeah, nothing radical at all. A lot of firms trade their own money. Then the people they trained take the same methods and go start their own firm and repeat the same model.

    Wash, rinse, repeat......
  4. Wow. awesome. What's your next big idea? You can use water to wash clothes?
  5. anarcho


    And C-Kid Morgan Sachs Legg Holdings was born. I wonder if polpolik used the washing clothes analogy because he had just read the "wash, rinse, repeat....." posted by wenzi.
  6. spidey


    C-kid is another in the long list of piker-grinder that is slowly chopping ET into tiny bits. What kind of assinine thread is this supposed to be? C-kid, do you have mental problems possibly? No one seems to even be talking about trading anymore on this website. Sheesh.
  7. I know you are honest, but some truth is not supposed to be told on ET. Truth hurts.

    I need to take my medicine now, I was just released from the local mental hospital for the memorial weekend (FYI, they took me to the hospital after I called the cops and told them some Martians landed on the roof of the local school building. I don't know why I said Martians, I guess I had watched some news recently about something landing on Mars. Did someone watch the same news? I guess I was affected by the news more than others. A friend of mine, Aisha, at the hospital told me that I should say some birds landed on the roof and the cops would leave me alone. Anyway, the food in the hospital was not bad. The bad thing is they refused to give me access to the Internet so that I could post on ET).
  8. C- kid

    C- kid

    would you like us to talk about how SCT made you rich you FOOL :cool: