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  1. I'm a kick-ass programmer charging 120 EUR/150 USD per hour.

    I just started trading the (reasonably large) downpayment on a house we didn't buy.

    I'm not doing too well but I don't have to work for at least 6 months so there's time to learn.

    I'm looking for a successful trader to be my mentor and will program for free in return.

    Are you interested?

    Thanks, Joel

  2. 2rosy


    OK, i want to get nymex ng option prices using the interactivebrokers api. I always get contract is ambiguous. Howver, I can get CL options using the same code.
  3. Just go long stock and short bonds. Risk free money in summer.:D You'll have time to do other things.
  4. I can pull up the options chain for NG in TWS OptionTrader so you should be able to do the same via the API.

    Don't think this has anything to do with programming, though.
  5. 2rosy


    you use the API when programming. can you show code to get nymex ng options?
  6. I don't believe that was the point of the thread.
  7. What error code do you get?
  8. Start another thread maybe? Why hijack this one?

    I'll participate, looking for a solution at the moment.
  9. Rosy's just conducting his own interview on the fly, to see if the OP knows what he claims. :D

    I would be very interested in this arrangement Joel, but my CTA is in NYC. Any thoughts on moving?

    In fact, I would be willing to talk to any programmers/quants in the NYC area only that would be interested in this arrangement. Could also double as an internship with school credit.
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