I predict S&P 1350+...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by failed_trad3r, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. ... in a few weeks.

    This market run is far from over. This pullback needs to be bought.
  2. we'll probably get a bit further down, just enough to get the bears excited and smug for their one or two days per year, before we turn the ship around back towards the highs.
  3. I guess it's happening sooner than predicted. Emini was at 1320, now already at 1330+
  4. S2007S


    A few weeks, hahah

    How about by the end of this week!!!!
  5. Works for me!
    Im still holding a long from yesterday which is now nearly back to BE, so the sooner the better! lol
  6. hajimow


    Market will go down more toward the close once the hope for the market to recover dies. Now the time is 11:20 ET.
  7. Hmm I sold my long pos at a loss.. this market action to reminiscent of flash crash.. saw like six 15min candles in a stair step down pattern, as if HFT were turned off... going long when I see a better entry.
  8. Looks like I was right about exiting at a small loss. If I stayed in would have had a bigger loss. I really don't like the stair step down pattern, its different from normal selling. Todays action right now kind of resembles yesterdays stair step down.

    Still looking for a better opportunity to buy.