I predict Obama will serve only 1 term.

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  1. I think 1 term, he was lucky enough to get elected and folks expected a miracle and got none. Unemployment still here, US still policing the world at taxpayer expense,Wall street business as usual, and more taxes and spending to top it off.

    One term, But I think the next election a Independent might win since Republicans are no better as well. Look at Bush for example.
  2. 1. You do not think it is one term. You hope it is one term.

    2. Did you vote W. three times? Very likely given your stupidity.

    Compare stocks market: 6 months of Obama, and 8 years of W?

    If you cannot see, check your pulse. You may be living in a dead body.
  3. its difficult to say, as many americans have now been hoodwinked by Obama and sad to say, many of my fellow minorities will vote for Obama no matter what happens
  4. Second terms correlate to approval ratings. Presidential approval ratings correlate to unemployment. Every other issue besides unemployment is a bunch of hot air when it comes to analyzing the possibility of a second term for Obama.

    The stock market is to Obama as gas prices were to the economy in 2008. In other words the stock market is Obama's one shining light and it isn't all that reassuring.

    You can say W created this mess. Then I will say you can blame anybody you want but the bottom line is that 2008 may go down as the worst year ever to be elected president.
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    W didn't create anything, we are seeing the results of decades of very bad ideas in government... W would have fixed Social Security by privatizing it but the Left went ballistic on the poor bastard...

    Obama can't turn it around, probably he doesn't have any idea to fix it other than more welfare... Saturday Night Live is mocking the guy even... I'd say his chances of reelection are pretty dim, they will blame racism and go on as if they know what they are doing... it's what Democrats do...

    Definition of Racist: a person that wins an argument with a Democrat
  6. Anybody wishing he serves less than 1 term?
  7. Did he break anything?
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    Biden and Pelosi are next in succession. They pretty much guarantee that Obama is safe.