I predict an assasination

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pumpanddumper, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. of a political candidate like Hillary or Obama before the election to drive a new leg down in market. Maybe McCain's people would do it...lol

    That or Osama is found to pump the markets higher.

    Is it me or has the world been too quiet for a major geo-political event to happen?

    This rate cut and inflation and recession hype is played out. Gonna take unforesseable shoes to drop. GS still needs to come clean IMHO.
  2. Nice. I'll take the opposite of your position and even give you even money odds depending on your time-frame. I would rather profit from someone not getting killed. How are you financially positioning yourself for this dire prediction?
  3. Nice, Brock Lander Boogie nights....just cracked up thinking of that character.

    I need 750-1 on McCain

    400-1 on Hillary

    and 100-1 on Obabma.

    Market is going higher cause I took profits too soon.:(
  4. Yeah, you should meet my business partner, Mr. Rockwell. His friends call him Chest and he makes a mean margarita. Classic.
  5. me2


    i predict the secret service will be checking you out
  6. I hope its NY Hood :D

  7. lindq


    What slimey rock did you just crawl out from under?

    A shame that there are no barriers to posting on this site.
  8. J/K...no death to anyone....all is well. Goldilox is back. :)

    Okay, only Dennis Kneale on CNBC.

    My father did fade both Kennedy deaths. Nov. 22nd, 1963.

    Brock Landers-AWESOME handle.
  9. KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!! Please on with the chlorophyl (sarcasm thread)
  10. NY HOOD took my profits cause the greedy SOB is milking out the rally to the close.

    NYHOOD, where are the markets going from here....Is this another sucker rally or have goldilox legs?
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