I predict 20% of ET readers will lose 50% of thier $ this year

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stock777, Aug 9, 2007.

20% of ET readers will lo0se 50% of thier $

  1. I agree

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  2. I disagree

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  3. gfy

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  4. Longhorns is an imbecile

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  1. well....
  2. Don't include me in your 50%. I only risk 2% every trade.
    Thanks to my AKAM +33% (in 8 trading days) and HNT +10% (in 2 days) shorts, Im going to be fine. Lets see here... what other double digit gains did I have this year? LECO, DUK, QLD. Can't think of the others. I have almost as many losers, but the winners are are a lot bigger. Good trading to all! $$$
  3. Don't include me either. But I voted for Longhorn..
  4. 23 posts today....you really are lonely loser.

    Find a hobby....go to the park and feed the pigeons....do something besides trolling the internet all day.

    Fucking loser. :D
  5. I'll bet Shorthairs thinks anyone who disses him is me using a fake nick.

    If he only knew
  6. maxpi


    I have risk so under control I don't make a dime, but I sleep well.
  7. LOL!
  8. Yes well, sometimes it be that way.

    Here's a recent pic of Longhorns, in case you need encouragement to vote

  9. I may have to change the % to 35 (lose)

    Ya'll aint up to this kind of mkt.

    Wow, that picture of longhorns is scary
  10. You like my poll now?

    Yes, big daddy will save you.
    #10     Aug 16, 2007