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  1. Maverick74


    I'm trying to consolidate all my music on my hard drive to move into i-tunes so I can move it on to my i-pod. The problem is I have music files scattered all over my computer. Windows media player is very easy in that it will search for all music files on your hard drive and import them into the media player. I-tunes does not do this. It forces you to either import one song at a time or a specific folder.

    Is there a way I can somehow have windows search for all my music files and put them in a single folder to make this easier. Perhaps there is a program out there that could do this. Any suggestions?
  2. Bob111


    sure. create folder(let say-mp3), press start, search->all files and folders-type *.mp3

    search will show all mp3 files. copy or cut them and past into your new mp3 folder
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    That sounds way too easy. Thanks for the help.
  4. sim03


    If you know that you've only got mp3 files, Bob111's method is spot on. If some of your music files have other extensions like Apple's own default aac, flac, wma, etc., they will not be found. In that case, use Search - Pictures, music or video - check Music box - Search. Make sure you search your Computer, i.e., across all your hard drives, incl. external, if any.

    This may grab some video files as well (asf, ram, etc.). Sort the results by size to help separate audio from video easily. Copy and paste, as above. Alternatively, you could search for each of the extensions you know to have ever downloaded.
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    Thanks as well. I have no idea why I didn't think of this.
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    Also, Apple seems to have an issue with WMA file types saying it won't copy them into i-tunes if you don't have the original license or CD or something. Any way aruond that?
  7. Yes, but then I'd have to report you to RIAA. :D
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    Ok, this is really annoying. I am trying to import songs in the WMA format, these are songs I BOUGHT on yahoo music which use to be musicmatch. I paid for these songs and it still will not import them? What gives? Now they are making me buy these songs again on I-Tunes? What kind of a racquet is apple running here?
  9. An Appopoly
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    Steve Jobs won't let ANYTHING windows on an iPOD.
    1) Burn your WMA songs to a cd.
    2) Import songs from that completed CD into iTunes as mp3's
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