I picked trading for freedom it gives, never imagined, I spend my freedom posting etc

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    when I worked for the man, I would keep a list of books I would read when I have time

    never enough time, work, sleep, eat, pass gas, work sleep eat, arrest citizens, interrogate etc etc

    if only I had time I thought,

    well now I have time and I spend it posting and doing stupid things

    will someone please slap me real hard, and yell, "Get a grip man, get a grip"

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    there was this one time I had to interrogate a particularity young and naive looking prisoner, we did the standard psych torture, escalated into waterboarding

    and I kept thinking, geez this is my last one, I am gonna be a trader, screw this.
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    so many people dislike their jobs, I knew a guy working for a different pick up division, he would actually spend time telling himself how its OKAY, how "targets" deserved all that's coming etc

    gee what a way to do a job
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    yeah I hear you, I hear you
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    and the funny thing is, if I were able to transfer to the "kitchen" which is counterintel division I probably wouldn't become a trader

    most likely I would be sent oversees :(
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    come on guys :D :D :D :D

    I made it all up :D :D

    OR DID I :eek:

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    for those who don't think I made it all up

    here is continuation

    by 1998 I got so good at telling lies and spotting lies, I would enter any civilian based facility even the secured ones, by showing up in Legit local police uniform and simply stating my cover name and rank

    doors would open like magic, I would be polite and professional

    in the old school, they would tell us,

    "if YOU believe it, others will believe it too"
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    when called for

    I've dumpster dived,

    I've smoked weed

    I've gone without shaving or shower for 2 months at times

    I've gone to extremes to prove myself, but in the end the music does not play the musician
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    I personally have never seen nor god forbid done

    but I know of operations where children from middle east and eastern Europe were trafficked for both favors to certain assets and for experimenting

    Imagine that, how dirty must this world be, for such things to happen, and yet they happen even now

    good night all
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    are u 007
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