I (person) want to connect to an exch to algo trade electronicaly. Can I? Which ones?

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  1. So I have experience connecting to exchanges for order routing and market data. I have left the high-frequency trading industry for more than one year now, so no legal barriers. Question is simple: Which exchanges out there will allow a person/individual (not a company) to connect to receive market data and place orders live without bureoucracy? I imagine only Forex will allow something like that.

    So to put it simply: "What electronic exchanges will give a person/individual connectivity so he can trade to his personal account? Am I dreaming here and this can only be done by a full-blown legal company?
  2. Everyone?

    Geta broker, open an acount. There are plenty that feal wih autoated trading setups and allow you to colocate a server or rent one. 1ms connectivity is easy to get - after that it get costly (direct colocation is REALLY expensive).
  3. I think he means without a broker. Maybe a seat?
    I'm not sure what he's really asking but either way, I'd like to know too.
  4. WITHOUT A broker? Eveng etting a seat he will need a clearing company to handle that. For futures, those FCM are acutally the real brokers anyway. The question soudns quite confusing - seriously - like the poster does not really know how things work (which may be - he may have been shielded from implementation details).

    Get a broker is about the only solution. You can not participate without someone who handles the accounts properly - or you BECOME one, then the question is how many millions you have. Requirements there are hugh.
  5. Let me be clear: All I want to do is trade using a computer program, in other words, I would like to do automated trading through a software connected to one or more electronic exchanges.

    Then all I am trying to find out is WHAT exchanges will allow me to do that, in other words, to get a network connection to them to receive market data and place orders at will.

    I imagine NASDAQ will require a lot of bureaucracy for someone to do that and he would have to be a company or a broker. However I may be able to reach nasdaq through a broker that offers electronic connectivity without any bureaucracy from the broker part. I understand that will have a latency impact.

    I would imagine the unregulated FOREX market would have less bureaucracy.

    So putting it simply: I (person not a company) would like to connect to some electronic exchange to perform automated trading on my own using computer programs. Which exchanges do you recommend in terms of no bureaucracy and ease of connectivity?
  6. None. You have deslusions. YOu always have a certain amount of paperwork.

    Get a decent proker, go through their offers. Electronic conntctivity is not somehting arcane or high end - this is standard offers. Every broker offer various trading networks likely. Colocation, trading from home - this is what thousands od people do.

    Now, delusions - every broker has paperwork, even forex. You think they dont awant to know who youa re etc.? FUnny ideas.

    Just take a broker.
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    To learn more about the rules governing brokers who offer Direct Market Access for securities trading:

  8. You might know a lot about HFT and quant, but it seems that you know little about how exchange works. You have to go through broker, or joint a prop trading firm, or buy a seat in the floor, then you can reach the exchange. There are no way you can deal with exchange personally and directly, just like you can't buy a iphone from Tim Cook directly. You have to go to the retail shop to deal with Apple.
  9. There are no so-called "bureoucracy" will slow down your Market Data Stream and Automated trading if you work with a broker.

    Using broker's API or FIX connection, you will receive real time tick data stream and have direct access to the exchange via a broker when you place your orders,
  10. interactive brokers and a software environment like Sierracharts, NinjaTrader, AMIBroker etc... or get a Tradestation account and use their software. It's a piece of cake to learn programming in Tradestations language or learn C in Ninjatraders environment, no trouble connecting to interactive brokers via their API, that capability is built-in to all the software packages... or you can join all the buggywhippers posting in the Jack Hershey threads or on the psychology forums, LOL...
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