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  1. Replacing the laptop? In terms of attracting all that marketshare away from all those Dells and Gateways ...whats that worth? Not to mention the Kindle. Tech columnists from WSJ and NYT interviewed on Charlie Rose friday loved it.
  2. First post was possibly a little ambitious. There are shortcomings
    like it doesn't do Flash; a major shortcoming. And, its seems ergonomically awkward in that it doesn't sit vertically w/o your having to support it with the other hand. Multitasking is compromised too but its no bulletin that theres a niche for it.
    They're already camping out in front of stores for the opening.
    The processing pitfalls will be overcome once the developers
    start in on it in full force but that need to hold it, unless they develope a pistol grip or something for it will slow it from taking over from less handling challenged machines. It is aesthetically
    elegant though.
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    Who cares, I don't want one nor do I know anyone who does.

  4. the sad truth to that is you just don't know anyone then. So other then wasting space on the forum by saying you dont care, 1.your opinion doesn't matter, 2. you should spend more time making real life friends and less time on ET.

    On topic; Apple store on 5th ave is PACKED
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    Its iPad - if you are going to start a whole thread about something at least get the name right.
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    iPad is a game changer.

    During his keynote, Jobs should have had a typical college student with backpack come on stage. He could have demonstrated how such a student weighed down with pounds of books could have them all replaced with a single slim device. It will be huge on the college campus.

    Besides books, it should revolutionize periodicals and magazines. Why deal with paper when you can have the complete history of Time Magazine at your hand.

    Taking it one step further, 8 months ago I was telling my friend what the next evolutionary step for such a device as well as computers in general would be. Grid tablet computing. Traders have those monitor stands with arms that can hold many LCD monitors. What if the skeleton backplane in the stand was a communication interbus between monitors. You could have 6 iPads in a grid computer. They would make one virtual display. In theory, it would be a 6 core cpu machine. Remove two of the iPads and virtual display automatically adjusts, becoming a 4 core machine.

    Sister needs a computer, ok take one of the iPads. But give it back so I can have more computing power to run my simulation. :)

    Have a datacenter with racks of iPad computers. It's a possibility.
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    Or *most* of my friends aren't sheeple following the masses to buy another over hyped gadget that they really have no business spending money on in the first place.
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    I am waiting for iLegalPad.

    Here is the difference between iLegalPad and iPad. Aside from the current things that the iPad does,

    1) It has a bigger screen with a mat finish option.
    2) It runs MacOS

    That's all I require.
  10. A light, trackable, colored e-book reader will be a game changer. Whoever could produce one that allow readers to store and read textbooks, magazines, and other image files in color will have a head start, but still the distribution channel need to be considered. Trust have to be gained from publishers. The product needs to be heavily promoted to university students, allowing them to see the benefits in using it. Additional feature needs to be added such as allowing students to highlight and underline texts, and also to write notes on the side like how they do it with a text book. Keyboard and web browsers will be good features, but they are not the major selling points, because most people have a computer and all universities have computer lab.

    iPad is not yet a game changer. It is just a hint of what's to come in the future.
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