I Own A Dog...

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ByLoSellHi, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. It's name is ADM.

    It just sits there, and fritters away my opportunity cost each day.

    It sits there, and does nothing.

    I've owned it for about 5 weeks.

    I may trade it for a pony or a goat soon.

    Is there hope for ADM?
  2. hels02


    It's a long term buy-hold.

    If you want to play more speculatively, you may want to sell it. I have some, I'm ok with sitting on it in an account I don't play much.

    Not every stock has to be a shooting star, and those that are fall to earth faster. If you want to play exclusively those, be prepared to crash and burn on a few.

    Anyway, dunno what you are complaining about ADM's % growth are the same as GOOG's over the last month. It's just slower than some.
  3. Bsulli


    What was your reason for evening getting in? Short or long term trade.

    Don't know how much of it you have and whether your going to sit on it for a while even though you wouldn't get much for them you could write covered calls on them for this weeks expiration or if you think it's going to move in the next month or so then write cover calls for the next expiration cycle. Pocketing the premimum is one way to profit.

    just my two cents worth.

  4. swinger


    5 weeks ago it was 4 points lower. Looks like you have a profit. What's the problem?
  5. I just want it to grow as tall as corn by July.

    I don't want it to be like children of the corn.

    I complain a lot, hels.
  6. hels02


    LOL! ADM's all about corn:p.