I own 12 million in swaps and I want my money NOW!

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by MrsSavant, Sep 27, 2008.

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    Welll dammn ... cant beelieve it :)

    So, how is it with you, Electric ... ???

  3. Let's stick to business....don't you folks realize that this smokescreen will not last forever...

    You can throw a ball up in the are a and volley it up there for a while...but gravity takes it's toll...

    62 trillion dollars is the problem and we are going to default on it...the rest of the world that bought these swaps does too...

    never trust America again World...

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    All that paper is gonna burn in Hell .... :D
  5. Wow!!!

    Look who crawled out from under his rock.

    Send my regards to The Electric Bafoon!

    I miss his journal.

  6. rc,

    I am writing an exerpt in italics from the link that I posted in the opening post.

    One of the major reasons that the government helped out in the Bear Stearns situation,” Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. testified at a Senate hearing this week, “was to avoid throwing it into bankruptcy with all the credit-default swaps

    So if the lehman had some swaps.... they would have been saved?


  7. Electric Savant:

    Why don't you untuck your penis from between your legs and post as yourself instead of your toothless wife?

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    don't mind him, we want you back ES

    you are as liquid as the real ES :)
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    Bark off....Moron. do a name search.
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