I owe Neteller money...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by gunslinger, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. NEteller for thos not familiar is a very large 3rd party financial transaction processor (think paypal) based in the Isle of Man. They do do most of the processing for the online gaming/poker sites.

    Anyway on Jan 15 they stopped processing payments to and from US clients. Just before this happened I made a $600 deposit onto POkerStars. It was credited on Pokerstars but the transaction b/w Neteller and my bank was cancelled.

    Since then all transactions have been cancelled, and neteller has not paid out any money to the Us clients. The US has now siezed the funds ($55 mil) to be used at evidence against the founders of the company who were arrested around 1/12.

    I know some people who have over $50k on there. I called them up and told them I want to settle the debit in my account, and want to do a peer to peer transfer from my brother. This way it effectively gets some of his money out. They said the they are unable to do that, or even accept any money from me at this point, and I should check back in a few weeks.

    If theyre screwing so many people, should that affect my obligation to them? This will not go on my credit nor will it try to be collected.
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    There is no onus on you to do anything really, maybe you should wait. The government has to have their say first apparently.