I owe an apology to (most) Americans

Discussion in 'Politics' started by fantastic_real, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. I owe an apology to Americans. :D

    Few days ago, I came to this site and because of
    some nasty comments , I started to really wonder
    about the bigotery of some here - and started to
    generalise that most Americans must be bigotted.
    This is obviously untrue.

    So my apology for insulting most Americans for
    the "sins" of the bigotery showed by some on this forum.
    It did help to read the notice regarding this forum ( not for the faint hearted or the easily offended!) and
    to understand why threads are not put on the main page!

    1. You are right not to be blinded by "Saint" Obama.
    At the end of the day he is a politician and the nice thing about democracy and free speech, we are allowed to point the flaws politicians have.

    2. By this election , you have effectively given an example
    to the world that your system seems to work : in all honesty,
    I wish we have our own Obama as well.

    However, I can't think or imagine of any of our politicians or aspiring politicians from any hue, creed, background spending 12 years working in community service with full commitment, while they could be lining their pockets with "plush" classic jobs. :mad:

    3. I am grateful to this old American telling me about his contribution to save Europe from Nazism. When visiting America, I did listen to his story with politeness and admiration, but now
    I realise - on this memorial day- the sacrifice your parents have made for us to live in a freeworld. I hope our leaders will contribute in every ways to helping America sort out the economic crisis. :)

    I will be continuing to visit America once in a while.
    However, I will always go back home and not look to
    stay in other people's countries.
    I hate squatters :D
  2. NO, don't apologize, most of the posters on this site are stupid bigots Joe The Plumber types.
    The rest of America is way more tolerant, intelligent and progressive than these clowns.
    It's been fun watching them lose it the last few days, they still bringg up Ayers....as if it made any difference, fucking morons. They deserve neither your apology, nor our respect.:cool:
  3. lol. Probably the quickest way to prove intelligence is to call other people fucking morons and stupid bigots.:D
  4. Yeah, and who the fuck are you to call us bigots? I mean, how totally rude, and ignorant is that?

    This country is great because we're a melting pot. I mean, what other country in the history of mankind has been able to meld your Niggars, Kikes, Guineas, Potato Eaters, Ragheads,Chinks, Dotheads, get them all to come together, and not have them have the slightest idea what the other is about?

    Did I forget anybody?
  5. Yeah you left yourself out.... . you're likely in the category of

    "SELF-RIGHTEOUS OUTCAST who demeans others but can't take it"
  6. Actually, I'm in there.

    It was satire. But you idiots can only handle it when MSNBC does it.

    And if you do some reading (right), you'll find they believe we're all decended from this dude in Eastern Kenya, and Mitochondrial Eve. At one time, there were only 2000 people on the planet. That was, according to the pros, about 60,000 years ago. So, we're related. You're just from the wrong side of the family.

  7. :D