I only made 6.67% last month

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    Yes, it is a small account funded only $6,000. That's all I have. I am a newbie. I opened an account towards the end of December--traded a little bit, to get a feel of the system, and the rules. My account was paused in some days because of pattern day trading. I made horrible picks--but I think I am happy with my return--because I really made awful decisions--and yet, at the end , I am still up $400.

    Actually, that's for the first account funded at 3,000. I have two accounts, so I can trade in and out 4x in a week. My other account- is in red by 20 or 30 dollars.
  2. Good job,

    I did okay- up only 21% in Jan...
    Good luck in trading...
  3. Yeah, because most people who are brand new to a field generally kick ass even more from the very beginning.

    My advice, as a trader with 14 years experience....stay humble and don't start threads with such dumb titles. :)

    Keep up the good work though

  4. Why did you hide the capital afraid to show you it was on crap size?
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    6.66 on 6k
  6. well, it was $40k - maybe a crap size...
  8. Looks like very nice trading, good job.
  9. Thank you.
  10. How correlated are you with the market?

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