I offer an exchange of 9 years of tick data of 8 blue chips stocks from Russia

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  1. Hello colleagues!
    I'm from Russia, and our stock market is oficcially dead, after our goverment disabled shorts and margin trading.

    So i'm decided to trade on some liquid American stock exchange and of course i need some tick historical data.

    For many years of trading in Russia, i collected all our few blue chips tick data. The exact are:
    Lukoil (LKOH),
    Gazprom (GAZ),
    Nornikel (GMKN),
    VTB (VTBR),
    Sberbank (SBER),
    Rosneft (ROSN),
    Surgutneftegaz (SNGS),
    Rostelekom (RTKM).
    All this data is available in tick format with volume from, 1999 till this day 22.11.2008.

    I offer exchange it for free for some tick data of any liquid stock emitent. I already read a little this forum anf see that everyone is downloading data from http://www.opentick.com/ but they have only 1.5 years of thick data :( If you know some place to get ticks for a longer period (even for fee) please let me know.

    Thank you everybody! :)
  2. By the way it all weights about 5 Gb. I can put it on server and give a link on an archive :)
    I really need any data, and will give url of an archive to anyone, who have tick quotes at least of one stock.
  3. You have 1.5 year of ticks Jasonn? Can you write me private message?
    By the way from my own experience, testing is never enough. ;)
  4. MTE



    The problem with your data is that it is, by your own admission, useless.

    So you want to exchange something of no value for something valuable. :)
  5. I have not said it is useless :) all this measures on market are temporary. And when you test your system, it does not know that margin is restricted right? or shorts? ;) The data is just time, price and volume like this:
    And i just wanted to make a barter a little bit more motivated :)
    Where else can you download so much tick data in one simple txt file for an emitent?

    Thank you for understanding my difficult english MTE ;)
  6. I'd gladly pay you Thursday for a tick data today.
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    I've got a (slightly rusted) 54' Chevy on cinder blocks I'll trade for a late model Corvette.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vuW6tQ0218