I now have 31 consecutive profitable trades of 15% or better

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  1. I made 19% on SFCC in 5 weeks, just as I said I would....my most recent pick is HELE which is also on its way up. I am easily the best stock picker on the planet. Here is how I do it:

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    some hairy ape claiming he can throw darts at the wall.
  3. You're the best, Mr Market... we all luv ya... honest...
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    ... More fine meats and cheeses ...

    Where do you go now that you have conquered earth ?
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    Is that it will probably be about 4-6 weeks before our good pal MM comes back to tell us that HELE, trading just under 25 currently, is now trading at 28.75 (nevermind the fact that it may have also traded down to 20, lol)-------another staggering gain of 15% or more !!! :p

    See ya in October, MM:)

  6. Those of you who have followed me now for some time know that all of my 31 trades have been documented and time stamped. I hope that those of you who have doubted me will at least admit that you were wrong to call me a liar.
  7. My dear Vega...there are many money managers who hang their hat on the fact that they can make 15% per year for their clients. I don't think that a 15% return in 4 - 6 weeks is a minor accomplishment, especially when it can be done repeatedly.
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    Nothing you say means anything, because you LIE! You don't have "31 consecutive trades" you have "31 consecutive closed trades". HUGE difference. You hold your losers, and push them under the carpet.

    You spam your website, b/c you want eyeballs. I don't like looking at hairy apes.

    And don't tell me i'm inferior b/c you went to Wharton. My schooling blows yours away.
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    Just giving you a hard time, my extremely hairy friend. I wish everyone that trades anything the best of luck, and indeed your returns are impressive. Everyone has a style of their own as far as trading goes, I'm more of a technical trader, your into fundamentals (I know this has been covered in the past in another thread), both can work, and hopefully we both continue to produce winning trades. Best of luck with HELE, trading breakouts like that scares the crap out of me, but if it works for you, more power to you.

  10. MrMarket,

    Welcome back. Did you enjoy the Springsteen show in Philly? I had some friends go up for it and they are still talking about it.

    You are correct. all your picks are fully documented. As for the comments about you being a bull market phenomenon, as I recall you sailed through the bear market with far better results than 99% of mutual funds.

    31 consecutive closed out winners of 15% or better is outstanding. I am more critical and skeptical than most but I recognize a good thing when I see it.
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