I now declare the NYX trade to be over

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by michaelscott, May 25, 2007.

  1. It appears it has exited out of its triangle and my price target is set for the 50s for the month ahead.
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  2. 82.25 is my stop on this one... With my bad luck, I'll get stopped out within 1hr of the open.
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    Whatever is showing on your chart, it's not a triangle JMHO.

    If there is such a triangle, connect the support line between 80.51 and 79.31, NYX is still within the decending triangle. When the breakdown occurs, your projected target would be right.
  4. Some asshole is short at least a million shares... he's got way, way, way too much buying power to be wrong, I think, so you may well be right.

    Does anyone else here play the NYX game? When those "fake" offers of 50,000 - 100,000 shares come in and step down a bit and knock the stock down 20-30 cents, buy some stock with a limit order 5 cents through once the offer pulls and then sell into the pop... good for 5-15 cents if timed properly...
  5. All the other exchanges are moving - BOT CME ICE ISE Nymex even NYFX but not this one - NYX ? Laggard.
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    I see NYX still in a bullish triangle that just bounced off previous support. With a clean upside breakout of the triangle I see a target of 130 area. Chart remain bullish until the lower support line in broken, next strong support after that is 70 area IMHO.

  7. I just don't see this as a short, beyond a general market view. There is support at ~80 and this thing will see that downtrend line [currently at ~96] if the market continues higher. The only thing going for the shorts is the break of the uptrend line, but it's within two handles of that break.

    NYX was a joke before they bought euronext. The combined co is ever more of an insult. I'd love to short it, but I can't afford to sit on dead-money.
  8. Shorting it with a target between 75-76 if it goes with me, but I'll cover if it goes over 83.20 on the other side. Excellent trading vehicle; I've been swinging both sides on it, and only lost anything a couple of times. Mostly I've managed to squeeze it for some money.
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    Great Trade,
    Good Call Once Again...
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