I noticed this since flash rules changed at

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  1. 1. Well... I thought that the FLASH functionality of EDGX was done via their ELP program... I might have mixed em up... :confused: :confused:

    2. yeah, they have a whole bunch of different routing types, but try explaining that concept to a couple of senators in Washington that are too deep in the NYSE's pocket to see reason...
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  2. "A bit more contentious, naturally, was the issue of flash orders — quick sneak peaks of orders appearing in other venues that some traders can access. In recent months, the NYSE complained in a letter to the SEC about the electronic exchanges' flash order programs and BATS and Nasdaq withdrew their flash order offerings. Direct Edge has persisted with its Enhanced Liquidity Program, which includes flash orders."

    Apparently I'm not the only one mixing up ELP and FLASH ...

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