I noticed this since flash rules changed at

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  1. some venues.

    Im asking the 2 or 3 real traders that lurk here if they noticed the difference?
  2. Stocks shooting up like a skyrocket :)
  3. that too.

    I was speaking of the inside b/a action.

    I notice a lot less horseshit. ( a technical term)
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    Since when flash rules changed and what are they?
  5. Intraday volume has been dead since then. There are less opportunities these days, but it is a bit easier. Just 1000+ profit days seem to be gone.
  6. :D

  7. Are you actually a trader or its a hobby

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    My last 32 months have been green but yeah I still take it as a hobby. Care to answer my question now that I answered yours?

  9. I'm with Brazillian on this... since when did they change?

    The chances of stock777 picking up something with bid/ask quotes canceling that I miss is about 0.
  10. Same chance as my wising you up.
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