I nominate user ( I am….Jesus ) as the most wise.

Discussion in 'Religion and Spirituality' started by infooo, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. infooo


    First things first, I would not be surprised at all if this user Jesus is some basement hermit unable to form any real social contacts etc.

    He could even be insane asylum client or even prisoner.

    But that does not matter.

    For successful bridging of so called duality of mankind.

    For pointing out constant immortality throughout different forms.

    For recognizing that reality is within not outside.

    I recognize this user as the most wise.

    Have you considered writing books, your approach to philosophy, should be documented beyond ET.

    Also try simplifying, because most ET users and people in general are not going to re read 5 times in order to understand.

    dude start writing there is money in this.

    if nothing else, respect of few people in the field hardly anyone knows anything about.
  2. I absolutely, positively agree 100% ... an absolutely AMAZING mind.... just WOW!
  3. fhl


    His religion is not that of the bible. He says the bible is wrong and he has the "real" revelation of God.

    Fine, but use someone else's name if your going to create your own religion. This makes him a fraud.
  4. Does not your bible say, "Ye are gods?"

    Before the bible was...I am. But you...your father is the bible...etc.

    Did I not forewarn you they would try to kill you in the name of God? What makes you think a religion named "Christianity" is not of your own making? History repeats itself for those who didn't learn its lessons the first time.

  5. How about hedging it 50-50?

    On second thought, maybe we should establish a short position here just in case you were wrong?
  6. dpt


    Interesting idea. A version of Pascal's wager with European style put/call
    options, expiration date: judgement day. Payoff, eternal salvation / downside
    limbo at worst. How to price those options?

    I find `I am' to be a knowledgable and interesting poster, though I'm not sure
    exactly where he's coming from :p
  7. The price is your soul. :D
  8. dpt


    Right! I should have gotten that :p

    Elementary, my dear Watson. (Said by Sean Connery as 007.)
  9. maxpi


    I'm short I Am [the ET one], flat the people that want to argue the Bible and long Big J [the Real I Am], he da' man, he my big bro homie baby. Big J is :cool:
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