I nominate this for the dumbest post on ET in two years

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  1. Could this guy have been any more clueless about stock markets ? And he has the nerve to continually show up on here with an opinion ? He states in another post he manages money for people in the millions. This is what is wrong in the finance business, that absolute idiots like this guy actually manage other people's money. Of course, Madoff was a "well respected" money manager too.

    That's some prediction, drop to the bottom and trend sideways for a decade. Like that ever happens. Oh I know, he loves Japan and dreams about the US being the new Japan, only much worse . Such an optimistic fellow about the US isn't he ?

    ps I haven't gone through two years of posts just ran across a thread searching S2007S's history. Feel free to nominate other worthy crap posts.
  2. i 4got the research institution big banks subscript to like goldman and what not... they said something pretty close >_> who knows

    as long as i dont have a crystal ball ill treat everyone's opinion as... well... an opinion :D
  3. Came into this thread expecting a Jinxu quote...
  4. ladies with unlimited desire for more debt as replacement for sexual desires are the ultimate drivers of economy.
  5. Handle123


    I agree, we all have opinions and until proven right or wrong, they remain opinions.

    Actually, the older you are, the more of life you have experienced and the more you don't read or watch TV's news. You go into history books and research about world economies.

    I totally agree with EMRGLOBAL, I mean, I can't possible see why anyone would disagree unless they are disillusioned and uneducated to history.

    Maybe it is cause I trade long term commodities, and most of the grain market has doubled in price, the energies has triple in price, meat is higher, metals, everything, it has been incredible trading for long term commodity futures for past two years.

    When a country is putting out massive amounts of cash, inflation is right around the corner and better be financially prepared to take advantage of all the opportunities, cash IS KING. After the World War I, in Germany, the government tried to work itself out by printing money, prices of food changed by the hour and sometimes by the minute, the Germans would burn money cause it was cheaper than buying coal for heat.

    The middle class is constantly getting smaller, baby boomers are retiring, they stopped buying all the toys and houses, they had less children. When you have less people of a generation, there is not enough to propel buying power.

    I doubt most of you will remember or was even born in the sixties, but in 1966 was a top and at the time, the "go-go" stocks of tech was driving hard, just like the bubble in in dot.com stocks in 2000 and real estate in 2007 (I sold all my holding that year).
    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see bubbles. And I am firm believer that real estate will not go back up till unemployment gets back down to 5%, and even then, banks will not be giving out loans, so if you have cash, you will be able to be like Rockafeller and buy massive amounts for real estate for cheap, cause many will be living in the streets.

    Since most don't have charts going back to beginning of Wall Street, you are unaware of sideways action of the 1966 to 1973, 1976 to 1983, or the high in 1937 was not broken to upside till late 1945. Starting in late 1966 till 1983, any time DJIA got a little above 1000, it was pounded down, sideways action can be more than ten years.

    The stock market will eventually drop and it will be massive, you just can't keep printing money. I fully expect unemployment to get to over 20%, Prime will go above 20% as well.

    One of the sharpest guys around is Jim Rogers, he is so good at calls.

    Yep, reading Nine Ender's commentary, Post title fits.
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  6. For interested readers, the nominated post was from early February 2009. Just before the current bull market started up.

    I see even the most ignorant ideas can attract fans on here regardless. Eccentric types who seem fairly uneducated and lack a discerning mind when they read history.

    To these people, the world economy died February 2009. No matter what occurs, their sticking to their story.
  7. What kind of drugs have you been ingesting buddy ?
  8. This thread...I nominate this one. :cool:
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    Aside from Handle123's post....So do I. (cant believe its 2 pages)
  10. On the Internet, it's always hip to be not just bearish, but end of the world type bearish, as you can see from the responses to this thread. This despite the largest and one of the longest rallies ever, which, regrettably for me at the moment, is showing no signs of flagging.
    Anyway, the author of your dumbest post has also claimed somewhere that he was a "techno star", I think was the phrase he used. No sh*t. I almost gave up an entire very good glass of wine reading that one.

    Now, you want real end of the world stuff, look here: Exit Mundi

    Some truly hilarious, and some interesting and thought provoking stuff too.
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