I nominate Simtrader/Johnny Rotten

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    They desert to share the humanitarian award. It seem they/he only go ape sh*t when some newbie asking wrong kind of question other than that they/he had been very thoroughly in answering any trading question in detail.
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    nitro :D
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    testimonials from the "Establishment "(Johnny speak) lol

  7. Can add "Brother" Candletrader since he said

    "I gotta agree with 100% with the sentiments of Brother Johnny Rotten..."

    Somebody has listed him in the list of nul contributors with many posts he seems not to realise yet.

  8. Still here, Mr Chirac? ... I thought you said you were leaving the board for a vacation... the French always did have credibility problems :D

    God Bless America...
  9. Are you idiot or what ? I anwered already I just staid especially for you Mr Racist : If you think I will let a snake like you govern you're just wrong... And don't call me Mr Chirac because he makes me as digusted as you digusted me : he has exactly your kind of mentality having declared one day that arabs just smell badly when they do their kitchen stuffs haha ! So he should be rather your friend since that's the kind of friend and even "brother" you want to embrace I just remind you below your mr Rotten or Rotted 100% approved by our super clean sweet Candle Baby.

    You are like a politician calling everybody your brothers, it's rather a servile attitude : know how to chose your friend better than Mr Rotted ... you must lack some real friends to look for everyone your brother especially the nazi one haha !

    P.S.: Now you will have the honor of embracing your new surname : RACISTCANDLE : that's how I will call you since you like to give others false name I will do the same. This name suits you perfectly since you endorsed Mr Rotted.

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    Re: Re: I will leave the board for this summer

    Quote from Johnny Rotten:

    Your second problem is that you are French. Could you please confirm for our American audience that it is not just the British who hate the fucking French, but about every country that shares a border with you. Living next door to the French is like living next door to a toilet. They go on strike every three weeks just because it is a national hobby, thinking nothing of shutting down inter-country commerce in the process. They piss and whine about anything Anglo-saxon, and generally contribute absolutely fuck all to international affairs. By the way, they also have holes in the ground for toilets in many cafes - and I am NOT joking either. And their women don't shave their armpits.

    I gotta agree with 100% with the sentiments of Brother Johnny Rotten...

  10. Look, Mr Chirac... you said you were leaving ET for the summer... as usual, the French hypocrisy shows itself... say one thing and do another thing...

    That's why France is a second-rate power and why the USA is the world's best country...

    Now go eat some frogs legs and drink some wine made with grapes crushed by the feet of unbathed Frenchmen...

    God Bless America...
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