I Never owned a DELL and never will

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  1. the dell t3400 is a great rig for trading actually.
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  3. I have a 7 year old Dimension 8300 that I'm typing on now. Only problems have been software related over the years. My Dad has a 6 year old Dell with no problems. My wife's old Inspirion has to be at least 5+ years old and would still work if my kids hadn't gone virus hunting, and I finally gave up hope of getting it clean.
    I guess I have been lucky? All companies seem to go through the shits, where they put out crap, or make a major screwup where they used to be great. Not saying Dell is better or worse currently than the report, but I'd probably buy one again.
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    The same "crap" intel cpu in my dell is in an expensive apple. Ditto for the ram, hard drive etc. On the other hand apples are white.
  5. several years ago several new dell desktops had hdd failure at my office. the same happen to one of my personal dell desktops. the other two of my own dell desktops went comatose with steady orange glow of the power button (power supply failure).

    i had better luck with a couple of dell laptops one of which is still working 5 years later. but a friend of mine saw his dell laptop going berserk with some weird symptoms.

    having said that i still buy refurbished dells due to being cheap. but i fully expect to replace them every 1.5 years or whenever one dies whichever comes sooner.
  6. I worked for Dell during the peak of this and the company really did do everything to fix the faulty computers. The problem was mainly with the GX270 models which had the faulty leaking capacitors on the motherboards which caused random reboots and many other odd things. Motherboards would be replaced no problem, no questions asked, even if out of warranty. The issue could have happened to any company.
  7. Or than the MOBO quirk its been good, Lescor uses a Dell I believe.
  8. If you are so fed up with Dell, or so fed up with HP, or so fed up with Apple... why not build your own? It is really easy these days. And you don't need to deal with nobody.
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