I need your valuable advices.

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  1. chaiaz


    Hello everyone I hope y'all are doing well.

    I'm in need of some suggestions and advices. I'm in my late 20s with 100000$ that I would like to invest. Also, I would like to diversify my investments. What profitable long or short term stocks would you recommend? Thank you in advance.
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  2. maxinger


    Don't invest in stocks
    unless you have done tons and tons of homework.

    but if you have specific questions about investment, go ahead and ask.

    You might want to consider buying insurance policies.
    It gives a decent return plus some protection.
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  3. My advice to you...is to put everything into Bitcoin, or divide it equally into the top five tech stocks. Or become a WSB guy...and put it all into an options bet, and do that again and again...until you have ten million.

    Happy weekend.
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  4. No point rushing into passive stock market investing now... Returns over next decade may well be negative. Try to get serious conservative advice from your bank for a start, then start educating yourself.

    As for active investing or trading... let's just say it takes way more than asking this sort of question.
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    • $20,000 each into 5 dividend paying stocks.
    • Each stock in a different sector.
    • Financial, Consumer, Energy, Communication, Industrials, etc.
  5. deaddog


    Read O'Neil's How to make money in stocks.

    Take Buffets advice 90% SPY and 10 % in a bond fund.

    Read David Allen Carters The 12% solution.
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  6. ph1l


    You could try a simple sector rotation strategy like
  7. VicBee


    First question should be, what is your risk tolerance? Are you looking for higher more risky returns or more conservative investments? From there it becomes a little easier to make suggestions.
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  8. Cabin111


    Put it all on red...Repeat. Just kidding...Do you own a house or condo?? If we come into a recession you may want to consider buying one. Not a lot of thinking involved. Know what is to needed to maintain the house properly.

    Interest rates should be rising in the next few months. You may want to just put the money in CDs (look up laddered CDs). With the market hitting all time highs, this might not be the greatest time to invest...Patience grasshopper. Wait for a drop then put some of the money in QQQ.

    But if we hit a recession I would go back to buying the house...A good location is very important. My two cents...
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  9. Jack1960


    Just go to stocktwits and buy whatever is getting pumped.
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