I need your help. Start from derivatives or stocks? Is prop shop a good option?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Rav, Oct 17, 2005.

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    People, I need your help. I am planning to start trading career and last few months have been researching on this subject. I think I am more interested in trading derivatives (futures, options). I have little starting capital and since trading derivatives gives higher margin profit than stocks I see it as the best option. What do you think about it? Would that be right to start from options and why? I have reed much about it and I understand that theoretically it is so but the practice can be very different from the theory. Have anyone of you started from trading futures and options? What would be your recommendation for a person who has little staring capital.
    I am also considering joining the prop shop. I do not know any prop shop in the area where I live and I have not contacted any of them to find out the conditions of joining them. If anyone of you know prop shops in Detroit area I would be very grateful for any contact information. My other questions: In general what are the requirements and conditions about trading for the prop shop? I assume they require some starting capital contributed by the trader. What is the minimum required by the general prop shop? Are there prop shops that do not require traders’ contribution? Do they provide initial training? Do commission fees differ in a prop shop from those when you trade from your own account? I know some people who trade for their account but having little capital I realize that prop shop can be the best option for me. What do you think? Does trading for the prop shop differ much from trading for your own account? These are my questions I would be very grateful to receive your answers comments and information. Thank you very much. Please do not pay attention to mistakes in the message. English is not my native language.
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    Ask Don Bright, elitetrader.com;
    would skip futures for sure, unless,
    FuturesTrader71 is hiring, ask him also.

    Options can limit you risk,, but;
    best to learn to trade underlying first for sure.

    Sorry there are NOT any shortcuts;
    most take years to learn, less than that is the exception , not the rule.

    Wisdom is profitable to direct.:cool:
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    Thanks, murray