I need VERY LOWEST DAX futures daytrade margin...please help!!!!

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  1. I need the VERY LOWEST DAX futures daytrade margin...please help!!!!...my current broker offers 2,000 Euros ($3,150.00 USD approx.) per 1 DAX contract for daytrade margin...can you direct me to a lower DAX daytrade margin...please help!!!!!
  2. It's sad that I know the author of the post by the title of the thread.

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Mirus.

    I know you don't want to hear this, but...
    oh never mind you already know.

  4. thanks...please advise of their website ASAP...thanks!!!
  5. Google is your friend.

    You seem a bit rushed. Relax.
  6. yeppers...trading the DAX is quite honestly...the best trading opp out there...better and tighter spread then the CL...you trade the DAX?
  7. no i'm trading stocks. I like them best, futures are hard to learn on the cheap.
  8. Lorenzo


    Only a moron should daytrade the Dax with less then 2,000 Euro

    You can lose 2,000 Euro in about 2/3 days... with just 1 contract

    Current pice=6360 x 25 (1 point value) =159,000 Euro


    Leverage is 79/1

  9. cvds16


    let's hope for ET's sake, he loses his money as quickly as possible, quits trading and never sets a foot on this website again so we get freed from these moronic threads. :D :cool:
  10. olias


    It's funny how this works. It seems to be the newer traders who get attracted by low margins. These are the very people who should not be concerned with low margins. Low margins are what's going to get you into trouble. It's like the old saying 'give them enough rope to hang themselves'.

    If you're a sharpshooter you can use those margins to your advantage, but even then you're gotta be careful. If you consider yourself at all 'green'...don't be so concerned with finding the lowest possible margins.
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