I need to shut my mind down...

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Overnight, Jan 29, 2018.

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    Suffering or Joy – You Choose! - Sadhguru

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    Death or immortality - You choose
    Hawaiian or pepperoni- You get the idea
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    Fear not, man. This will be the first State Of The Union in.... 30+ years... that I am *specifically* intending to miss. The way I figure it, if I listen to the Large Lying Orange Sack-o-Shiite for too many (cumulative?!?!?) minutes, I would become a mass-murderer. As a reasonable guy/reliable lifelong-ish Republican, I owe it to myself to avoid a jail sentence. :wtf::confused::rolleyes::cool:
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  4. breathing meditation.jpg
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    I'd try meditation, mediation and medication (probably in that order).

    Failing that, there's always forum-posting.

    I can't see feet falling out of the sky ... and I hope you're wrong about the weather, too: I don't have the shoes for it.
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  7. Who am I to argue? :D
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  8. Just to put a finer point on it, I don't think you can "shut down" your mind. That's a bit like trying to achieve a negative, so to speak: "Don't think about pink elephants." The first thing your mind will do is think of pink elephants. But you can quiet your mind by filling (not emptying) it with simple focus, such as the illustration I posted earlier suggests. In this way, the thoughts that give you stress will take a back seat; you'll be able to observe them from a greater distance when they arise, you won't attach to them, they will be more muted, and then they will dissolve. And so it goes.
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    Yes... detachment from our thoughts. Thoughts are fleeting...transient. Thoughts are not you but if you identify with them too much then they can influence your behaviour. You cannot stop thoughts from coming. But you can define how you will react to them by practicing detachment. Especially, in trading.
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    So, does this stuff work?
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