I need to shut my mind down...

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Overnight, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Overnight


    ...for this is what I keep seeing in my head when I think of Trump opening his mouth in 15 minutes, and thinking about trading etc. State of the onion! :-|

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  2. It's tomorrow
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  3. Overnight


    Oh, my bad. No idea why I kept thinking it was today. Hmm.
  4. timbo


    Trump won again!
  5. Overnight


    No, PRMâ„¢ won, so while I did not make money I did not lose any either. I am so freaking out about what his blabber will do to the markets that I am losing track on normalcy. Lost track of time. And the ass-holer weather guys up here are going on about this massive winter storm which is producing bupkus so far.

    Is it going to drop a couple inches of snow, or a foot? Hello?
  6. JackRab


    So, because it's not today but tomorrow... is that fake news @Overnight? :sneaky:;):D
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  7. Lol, it's not like you live in Denver. Just go with the flow

    Same of the market. Enjoy the placeholder government we have and ride this bull. We haven't seen this kind of ineffectual governance since Clinton's Lewinsky years or Coolidge. There's no government like no government.

    (Also, totally rockin' to my ska stations on Pandora...Good choice with SNZ.)
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  8. Overnight


    No, it is my dumb head! I messed up dates! Okay okay haha!
  9. volpri


    The trump rally will continue. Fear not.
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