I need to print out 120 color charts

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  1. I need to print out 120 color charts for my studies. I need 120 color charts covering various 6 months in YM trading of 5min timeframe. I want some charts from back in the day like 2001, some charts from 2003, and some charts more recent. Anyway, I dont have a color printer, I dont even have the data. I know this is not that hard. So what's the best way to go about it? I'm even willing to pay for someone to do this for me, because I need to some manual analysis.
  2. mmm


    Do a reverse auction.

    Offer on this board exactly what you want done, and the maximum that you are willing to pay for this project. You looking for people to submit bids on your project, and that you'll go with the lowest bid.

    All bidders will have to post their bid on the board so that everyone can see what the lowest bid is.

    Example: 100 yearly charts, printed on a single page in color, single sided, landscape mode, each chart being a different symbol. To be completed in two weeks. Will pay a maximum of USD$1000. The lowest bidder will get the job.

    Interested parties who want the job will say they'll do it for $1000, or perhaps a lower amount.

    Whoever is willing to do it for the lowest amount of money, gets your job.

    -- MMM
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    Get a free subscription to esignal, right click on chart, Send Image To - Local File. Then burn the images to a CD and take them to kinkos to print. Make sure your background is white. It will cost <$100 probably.

    Just my first thought...
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    Why bother paying. Do the work yourself and learn something from it...

    Google on "historical intraday quotes" and you'll get a boatload of data vendors. Most will allow you to download data and you'll need a charting program to view it. You'll need to buy Metastock, Supercharts, Advanced Get, or something of the like to view the data (or just use Excel). Make sure the data format (usually CSV ASCII) is supported by the charting software vendor.

    When it comes to color printers, realize you can buy them cheap, but the manufacturer stings you on the ink cartridges. Printing out 120 charts will likely empty out a set. You can get a Canon i960 Color printer for about $150 at Amazon.com. Black and white cartridges are about $10 per and color about $30/set. I'd suggest buying a few sets just in case along with a bunch of 3 ring binders.

    It's nice to see someone who is willing to "do the homework"!
  5. who doesn't have a color laser printer thesee days. your living in dark ages :eek: :confused:
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    D@mnit LongShot.
    Some of us don't even have a printer.

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    1 - subscribe to this site
    2 - go to kinko, pick a computer with color printer
    3 - start printing