I need to learn markets dynamics, structure...what book..resource?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Canados, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Canados


    Hi guys,
    I need to learn the dynamics of the markets, their correlations an so on....like a floor/professional trader...read the markets and make my own idea on where you can go

    books or other resources?
  2. Topper



    Watch a stock(s) and indexes every waking moment of the trading day in different time frames, for the rest of your life of trading
  3. Kubinec


    Search up Larry Harris on Amazon.

    I remember that's what the managers at WTS recommended for reading when I was working there.
  4. pfranz


    I really agree with both advices.
    I read "Trading & Exchanges: Market microstructure for practitioners" from Larry Harris and I found it an eye-opener. Through its 600 pages it covers all the basic aspects of markets and trading, highlighting what is really important. It doesn't go to the nuts and bolts of everything, nor it gives practical formulas to make money (though some advices here and there could be good starting points). In fact it shows you how difficult is to make money in the market, where the problems are, and where the (fair/unfair) advantages lie.
    A note: at chapter 28 Larris looks at the fact that market crashes happened in october, and through a lucid probability calculation concludes that this unlikely was by chance. I read the book in 2004-2006, and in 2008 I saw a crash in ... october.
    As to looking at prices, I must say that I got a prediction capability I didn't imagine by continuously looking at charts, and it seems the more I look, the more I improve. But this alone is not enough to make money...
  5. This is a very well known fact. But trying to trade at certain times is no guarantee of improving one's trading.
  6. pfranz


    Of course I didn't mean to suggest trading an event happened three times in a century, nor the book underlines things like seasonality.
    I was only pointing the fact that abstract speculations/calculations resulted in conclusions matching reality.