I need to get my series 24

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Roxyman, Mar 27, 2004.

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    Can anybody give me some input on prep classes in NY. I saw there are 2 Companies I saw that offer classes
    - Empire Stockbroker Training Institute
    - STC USA- This one I went to class in 1976 to get my series 7.

    STC aka Securities Training Corp prepared me well for the test, as a matter of fact most of the questions in the test I had seen in the class.

    Are these classes enough? How much prep time does it take to get ready for the test?

    How tough is the test? I have 25 years experience as an account executive.

  2. just get one of the books from Dearborn or STC and drill on the questions. the test is not too bad...
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    for my Insurance License. How is the test in relation to the Series 7 test? Not that I remember taking it 28 years ago
  4. As a GSP you're responsible for the supervision and oversight of the people around you.

    So many GSPs have been fined, suspended or barred for "failure to supervise". If there is some shady stuff going on in your firm (even without your knowledge) you can be held responsible.

    Unless you are getting a fat raise or some other huge benefits, and I wouldn't take it.
  5. Im with slickrick, I once worked for a firm that made me take my 24,the firm was not compliant and I had a hunch about it I left very fast, they were shut down less than 1 year later and many people went down. It wasn't worth the money to have your career ruined,so make sure about the firm first and if you have a bad feeling about it trust your instincts thats what saved me.If you feel the firm is safe STC material is about the best, just read the book and take the practice exams. Good Luck
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    Thanks for the advise. I will definately double my research efforts before I say yes. It is still tenative.