I need to execute 6.3 mil soon on EUR/USD, will this be a problem?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by FutTrd, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. FutTrd


    Hi guys,

    here is the thing

    I am a futures man, however I find forex attractive

    soon I need to execute 6.3 mil, is it really going to be quick and easy like on demo

    please let me know, and if you want to ask any futures question go ahead
  2. Right now on IB's ideal pro sysytem there is a spread of 1 pip on EUR/USD and both the bid and ask are over €10,000,000. 6 mil should be no problem.
  3. FutTrd


    thanks a lot ZF

    I feel a bit stupid for starting a threat just to ask a simple question

    but is sure was efficient, I got an answer in 2 min
  4. Okay your turn I have a limit order to sell ZN at 107'065. Should I keep it or cancel it?

    Also what broker are you using for your FX transaction? If you use one of those dodgy bucket shop FX only brokers it could be scary.
  5. jasonjm


    i used to regularly punt 10 mil orders through on oanda, and it used to have zero effect on the fx market

    didnt move eurud, gbpusd or usdchf even 1 pip
  6. CurreneX our hub 43 mio bid x 50 mio ask

    The Ever informative VIPER
  7. FutTrd


    first of all, your limit order looks good for now but if you want something a little more immediate

    short NAS fut if it goes back to 89

    also I am depositing funds to FXCM, now before you scream NNNOOOO

    I am using their no dealing desk option

    they promise that it really is no dealing desk but we will see, I told them don't mess with me, couse I'll be watching data feed from other places and comparing (for all the good that will do)
  8. FutTrd


    I came up with forex strategy that will give me 90% return a year

    but gosh darn it, I am not happy, first of all futures are WAY more laid back,

    I can't watch forex 24 hr per day, I gotta sleep people, gotta have my TV time too.

    you know what I mean. god damn waiting orders get filled any time.

    I mean what am supposed to be interrupted every 1-5 hours,

    what kind of life is that, and no I don't want to bring in help

    I am paranoid about my systems etc

    I think I'll just decide to trade forex for 2 days per week. but my returns will drop significantly

    and I don't even know why I am in forex, my futures trading is just fine

    sorry about my ranting :p