I Need The UN for What Again?...

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  1. I have come to the conclusion that the whole thing needs to be revamped. This latest trouble just pretty much cements the decision for me. I would not be disturbed to have the whole thing pretty much collapse of its own weight. It's about to do that anyway. Libya, Iraq running any issues of world concern? That's clearly a joke.

    France has long not been a world power. I say let's allow France its precious veto. Let them now honor the commitments that it has made to the world for assistance. Let's be honest here. If there is any conflict anywhere in the world, America must participate if it has any chance of being resolved.

    America is in an economic strife that was exaggerated on 9/11. There are those who wonder what cost this war will amount to. Any calculation that does not include that tragedy is just not accurate. That was the day (for me) that the meter started running.

    Terror everywhere was put on notice by the President. He chose IRAQ as the first formal country to start to clean house. There are those throughout our country, and the world, who would debate the starting point. But it has been chosen. Too many times in the past we have not completed a task. This time I am for doing just that. Until the finish!

    Today we will test massive. There are many other elements being readied. I pray that Saddam decides to move on. But if not, I am not interested in hearing about the need to debate another three or four months. France, Russia, Germany and the like all agree that the American military presence has been the motivation for the Iraqi movement now. They are all calling for America to now hold the posture. Yet not a one has sent check one to cover the costs.

    When there is trouble on this globe, we are needed. When there is disaster happening, the cry for American help has always been answered. Our monies, tax dollars that many feel would better be spent at home, are given by our politicians and never are we asked is that ok.

    We are always expected to understand that America being the big kid on the block NEEDS to adjust its posture for the little kids down the street. Why? Because the little kids down the street don't have all the benefits that the big kid does. America MUST share its food, clothes, monies, hopes and dreams and make sure that the other kids have some of its successes. When will they stand up for themselves? When will they ask us the true question? How can we take what we have and move to the next level? And when will they understand that the adjustment and ensuing successes come with some pain?

    Where do we go for the defaulted debts of these complaining countries that now wish to explain why we need to listen? Clear it up for me, what country sent a check for the World Trade Center Fund? France's contribution was what? Please tell me it was more than a letter of sorrow and a moment of silence! This whole resistance is about America now widening the gap between what France is and what a real superpower is all about. The world power map has changed. I vote we all act like it. :)
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    Americans also consume 10 times more than a mexican 20 times more than a chinese and 30 times more than a person from India. Giving back is only just.........peace
  3. Let me ask you something then. First, I will agree with you for your premise to be correct that we consume the most. If I am not mistaken, we also produce most of what we consume. When you state that we consume more than Mexicans, you confuse me. You see with all that bad consumin' goin' on here, I don't see Mexico boycotting America and saying they will not buy our products nor visit our country. Contrarily, they also seek to emulate what America is doing. But they can't seem to cut it. So much so that the populace will risk life and freedom to ILLEGALLY sneak into America to be able to earn money to send back to MEXICO for them to do what again?

    China is an interesting place also. Wrought with its own levels of interesting economic woes. But the last time I checked, there's a whole lot of consumin' goin' on there too. I guess what I am saying is that your premise has the hole in it in that there is always someone on top and someone on the bottom. But you can't fault the guy on the top, nor blame the guy on the bottom. We offer the help all the time. But where is the reciprocation? Where? :)
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    When we consume where do you think the things we consume come from.....Planet Earth. We are 5% of the population yet we consume way more than that in terms of The Worlds production. So it is just that we give back...that is all I am refering to....peace
  5. what is the alternative?
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    you talking to me madison???
  7. no... just in general - if the UN were dismantled, would you advocate a different organization, new alliances, neither, etc.?
  8. I don't know that an organization really is needed. These individuals that are there have not been a source of too many answers for a long time. Just an unofficial official bunch of folks who spend the day sitting around and frowning a lot. I think it might be time to examine the reason for the organization and restructure it IF, it is deemed to be needed. I more than welcome a realistic review of its functions and viability.

    I also would look into the amount of monies that the organization goes through. I think that we have enough handout organizations in this country to allow the masses to determine where they may need to line up to supple. Isn't this the same organization that is looking for a new multi-hundred million dollar handout for a new facility. What is the cashflow of the business? I think that there needs to be a sound business loan review done before any financing is arranged. And clearly if there are monies needed, they should be tied to repaymment conditions. "That's a really cool option, we want it!" should not be the reason for including something in a new facility.

    I would not be upset if it is determined by the world community that they don't want to fund the construction of a new facility. How about this? Let them sell the current facility and take the funds that come in and purchase and/or construct something within the confines of their means. Actually, if there is a sale. They could agree to use that capital as working cash for the organization. Consider it a world gift. Then they would be able to rent space in some facility somewhere in the world where they feel the organizations interests and stature would be better represented. Maybe they could even locate to France! The sad part to that whole picture is that they would have to learn to operate with a finite amount of funds until they could find a way to be profitable. Or at least self-sustaining. I'm through with the unlimited budget concepts. :)