I need some relaxation - Dalls Cowboys cheerleaders

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  2. I learned a new slang word today........"muffin tops". :cool:
  3. My god the one girl's my daughter's age.

  4. Back in the mid 70s, I was buddies with one Dallas Cheerleader (we were so tight we...nevermind...but she and some of the squad posed for Playboy!)...and dated another.
    They were WAY more cute than the girls in this video.
    Sweet too...small town Texas gals...loved Momma...respected Daddy....hard workers.
  5. good laugh. average to ugly, bad dancers.
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    You guys most all be super models. There are at least three pretty girls in those tryouts.

    #50 is fine with me.

  7. back to the dark side, dow to 7000 tonight guaranmtee,
  8. After the Cowboys tryout, all of the girls then went to the Hooters tryout. :cool:
  9. Oh, how disheartening! When did African-Americans lose the ability to dance???

    They looked like Britney Spears at the last VMA. :cool:
  10. nitro,

    did u get hurt????
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