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    I went to the library looking for some good books to read before I really start my professional career in trading, and all they had was "how to make money in the stock market" crap.

    What are some good books, or online resources, that will give me some useful info, so I dont seem like a complete noob when I am getting trained.
  2. Try How to Make Money in the Stock market.
  3. Larry Harris, trading and exchanges
  4. "Technical analysis of the financial markets" is a must have for

    every trader. Its like 90 bucks though :( .
  5. Raghee Horner's book "Forex Trading for Maximum Profit" is very good. Don't be put off by the forex theme; her approach to technical analysis is applicable across different markets. Don't bother with her second book.

    What type of training are you taking?
  6. If $90 is too big a hurdle on your path to professional trading then I would look for another career ;)

  7. 90.00 dollrs for a book is a bit much, and besides, I didn't pay for it.
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    Classic books that will give you some perspective on the markets, some lingo, and introduce you to some famous names:

    3 books by Jack Schwager: Market Wizards, The New Market Wizards, and Stock Market Wizards

    Trading for a Living by Alexander Elder

    Reminiscences of Stock Operator by Edwin LeFevre

    These books are also full of great advice and extremely interesting to read.

    For some reason, libraries don't usually carry the best books on trading. Also, they usually are fairly expensive, even used.

    The best prices I have found for books of all types are at half.com.
  9. tuneman -

    looks like your an active user of the ET site. u should know not to ask these questions. this same topic has come up a hundred times in past threads. use the search tool. better yet - go to the book review section of the site.

    this site becomes valueless if people endlessly go over the same advice over and over

    sorry to be a moan but this stuff really gets to me
  10. Take a pass on anything having to do with analysis and focus on game theory and probabilities.

    If you must buy a trading type book. Try "trade your way to financial freedom" by Van k Tharp. As the title suggests it does not offer any system or snake oil. It focuses on risk/ reward ratios.
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