I need some experienced guidance please!!

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by sbxems, Feb 13, 2009.

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    I have been watching the markets for over 10 years. I never had formal training - never even interacted traders before. I recently finished my first year of Law school while working for the city of New York. I have heard of prop trading yet kept it as a dream. After being in Law school I realized that you really can do whatever you want to do in life so..... I want to be happy. I am fascinated with the market yet for many years I thought I could teach myself and technical analysis was all you needed but more recently I have realized that there is more to it and the only way to learn and build a profession is to learn from those who truly know.

    Ok nice story but here is the bottom line. I love the market I am so eager to learn. I will put all into it - rather than spend thousands of dollars for a Law degree which will not make me happy I want to TRADE!!!!

    I want to leave my city job I fortunatly am in a position to do this.

    My dillema: I have sent my resume to the prop firms in NYC and have recieved no responses.

    Am I kidding myself that someone with just "self taught" market experience and no track record will be given a shot?

    I have a BS with a gpa 3.776 from a lower end school.

    I know that with the right training I will be great, I will work soooo hard. I am not looking for riches "now at least" I just want to learn so in a few years I can manage my own accont with pure confidence.

    I just need one chance to prove myself. Any ideas how I can get that shot?

    Thank you all!!!
  2. nravo


    Why not hook up with Bright Trading or someone like that, of you are just looking to prop trade?
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    Un-audited track record on personal account may work. Back-tested trading system may convince prop firms. The record of "watching" the market doesn't account to anything.
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    I want to reiterate, education and IQ have very little to do with trading success... but you have to have something to show before you are considered
  5. Don is a ripoff and you are basically paying for his mansion with that training "fee".
  6. Imagine I changed a word for your post to be about boxing. Is there anything there that would make a pro gym interested in you?

    You might have something to offer after 10 yrs "watching", but if so, you didn't communicate it.

    When they want watchers they will advertise for them. Get the point?

    Can you do anything more than watch and dream?