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    Hi I need good ideas to go on my website for trading. http://www.commoditiesvue.com

    I developed this site originally for myself to help me trade...it has charts, news, quotes etc.

    The charts in my trading platform aren't that good that's why I have the ones on my site. They are great for Elliott wave analysis. I can read the waves so clearly. I use the news also.

    I need ideas that will help my trading and was wondering if you guys could give any good ideas.

    I trade all markets...I will trade any market if it is trading according to elliott.

    I use elliott after the fifth wave of the impulse wave. The second wave of the a wave...the beginning of the B wave and the top of the C wave.

    I was thinking about adding indicators....let me know
  2. I think you should keep two seperate issues here.

    * You need help with trading itself.

    * You need help in developing your website.

    Simply, if you get the above two mixed up you may easily get lost.

    Therefore, I recommend you just concentrate on your actual trading and hire someone to do promote/design your website.

    For example, what aspects are you having problems with your trading involving elliott waves...

    Entry signal ???

    Trade Management after entry???

    Profit Targets or Exit Signal???

    Something else, I always see a problem when I hear someone say they trade all markets.

    Top veteran traders don't move from markets like that and I don't think lesser traders asking for trading help should be attempting the same thing.

    Simply, you should just concentrate on one or two different markets that have nothing in common (e.g. wheat and Gold) until you no longer feel like you need any help with your trading.

    In other words, you are consistently profitable in a few markets and you want to slowly expand to other markets.

    With that said, concerning the design of your website...

    You have a category titled New Trades on the right side.

    I think you should change that to Trade Recommendations unless you explain specifically if they are simulator trades or real money trades.

    This helps avoid potential problems down the road.

    In your Site Navigation listing on the left side...

    There are two categories called Recommended Brokers and Recommended Services.

    Are they recommended because you use those services and think they are good or are they recommended because you are an affiliate with them (compensation is occurring)???

    My point is if you are recommending them because you use the services...

    You should state such, commentary about why you continue using them in the section you call View Profile because when I read it...

    In comparison, the current commentary in the View Profile section sounds more like an advertising statement they sent you for posting at your website...

    Corporate like and impersonal.

    Simply, advertising is less pushy when you explain your own personal experience with the service, time using the service et cetera.

    However, if you don't use them and you are only an affliate...

    You should change the title from "Recommended Brokers" to just "Brokers" or "Broker Services".

    Other than the above, the layout of your discussion forum looks good.

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    Thanks for the feed back! I don't really have "problems" with my trading everything is going really well with it.

    I was just looking for an edge with trading something to give me more info. I mainly use Elliott and then five or six other indicators to trade....along with option positions to hedge with or add income.

    I read the news and the reports to just get some more feedback. The charts are great those are the best charts for reading elliott wave patterns....I think anyway.

    Just looking for more to add....and most importantly what you guys would like to see....again thanks for the feedback!
  4. You should also make a Anti-Spam Policy message and put it EASY TO SEE as a seperate thread at the top (not bottom nor within another link) of your forum explaining that spammers are not welcome and those wanting to pay a fee to promote their services should contact you.

    In addition, keep the thread open for your members to let you know when someone is spamming which is useful after your forum becomes very active.

    Secondly, due to the fact that you are also using the info at your own website to help with your trading...

    You should setup a free live chat room for your members to hang out in during the trading day.

    Chat rooms are very useful for more eyes on the market if you know how to use the info being posted in the chat room.

    If not, they are just a distraction.

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    Put live quotes on there if possible