I need historical intraday data

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    Sup 1337trader, i'd post this in the software section but it would take like 2 hours for a reply.

    I'm looking for a source of historical intraday data. US equities would be preferred, but i'll take a look at any market really. Ideally this would be in chart form rather than text form, in which case I would need a way to study it quickly (convert to chart form or something else.) I have absolutely no programming or computer ability, lol.

    I just want the simple ability to scroll through atleast a year's worth of 5-min bars and find statistical correlations.

    Your help is much appreciated :)
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    Also I can pay for it but I don't want to sign up for a brokerage account, send them 5 grand, and also have to pay for all the bells and whistles.
  3. Try pitrading.com

    From your post, the stocks edition is probably your choice:

    From the home page:

    For the stock trader, we have packed over seven years of one-minute intraday historical data for over 1100 of the most popular and actively traded stocks on one DVD-ROM.

    The data is 1-minute, but you can scale up to 5-minute.
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    Oh thats really cool. Is there a way to put text data into excel and analyze it? As in, backtest through excel.
  5. I haven't used Excel for data analysis since the late 90s, but many on ET use it; so you can probably pick up some pointers from them.

    ASCII is just text, so you can load it in Excel, but with a number of quality charting platforms (some free) that exist these days, better back-testing options exist. Check out Ninja Trader; free for back-testing and charting.
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    Heh that's pretty much all I needed to hear. Thanks a lot, i'm gonna go ahead and buy the data.
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  8. I really miss the old Wealth-lab. Ever since that deal with the devil (Fidelity), the platform has basically died with the hardcore back-testing crowd. Just look at the posts on the forum and how they have decreased over the years since the deal.
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    So what do you use now zgtrader?
  10. lol,

    here my tip, I know its cheap but you could pay the guys by running the subscription for a month or two:

    Sign up for the iqfeed trial. It lets you download all the 1-minute data for all the US stocks. I bet thats what those guys on this website below have done and now sell for a lot more money ;-)

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