i need historical intraday charts

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by silk, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. silk


    I want to be able to pull up a historical intra day 5 minute chart for a stock.

    For example, I want to look at the 5 minute chart for IBM for monday's session. Anyone know a website that i can get this info for.

    I see many websites will give me todays intraday chart. But what if i want an old intraday chart???? I want to pull up some charts from last year.
  2. You have to archive them everyday. That's what I'm doing but for indices only. As for some stocks I am archiving intraday datas only.

  3. sprstpd


    ProphetFinance provides 20 days. Don't know of any place that offers year old intraday charts.
  4. Tradestation has intraday data going back years. Even tick by tick.
  5. BSAM



    But be forewarned. NexTrend used to have top notch customer service. NT's customer service now SUCKS BEYOND BELIEF. Wish a good company would buy them out.

  6. qcharts has intraday data and charts going back several yrs.