I need help with my task bar

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jjf, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. jjf


    I cannot drag an icon off my desktop onto my task bar.

    ie whenever I drag firefox icon onto the task bar it refuses to stay there

  2. Same problem. Hope you get an answer.
  3. Jachyra


    Try right clicking on your taskbar and unchecking the "Lock the taskbar" option.
  4. jjf


    Good thought thank you but I have already tried toogling the lock.
    It is something else that is the problem.
  5. Did you try enabling "Quick Launch" and dragging your icon onto the quick launch area (not task bar)?
  6. jjf


    Thanks gnome.
    Do you mind expanding on your thoughts please as you are taking me into the unknown
  7. Actually, I should stop. The Economics Forum Mod thinks my disgust and hatred of the Federal Gummint is annoying and wants me to stop posting... LOL!
  8. jjf


    Sorry to hear that gnome. Seems like censorship is creeping in every where.
    Are you on the "no fly" list or is that yet to come
  9. LOL... From Gummint's view I probably should be. I wouldn't do anything violent to innocents, of course.

    It's too bad the American public is so politically naive. Were that not the case, we'd never elect Obama nor McCain.... and we'd have stormed the White House and thrown Bush out on his ass... :mad:

    If you want to know what a REAL President should be like, study the Andrew Jackson Society... much on the web.
  10. jjf


    Your quick launch theory worked perfectly
    many thanks gnome

    Good luck with your quest to educate the teeming masses
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