i need help to install more ram for my laptop

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  1. hello, my laptop is a bit slow compared to my work needs. So I decided to add more ram to it. hmm i have an extra ram from my old laptop. I decided to install it but after reboot I did not see that ram in my laptop. I do not know how to do it. I need some help.
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  2. You have not provided enough details for anyone to be of help to you.
    What is the brand and type number of your laptop? How much RAM was installed and how much did you try to install? After installing the new RAM, how much RAM did you see?
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    go to youtube.
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    Www.crucial.com run the analyser on the website it will tell you what to buy.
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    not enough details.

    There is a limit to how much Ram you can add.
    If your laptop accepts up to say 8Gb, your laptop will not recognise anything beyond that.
  6. bestbuy forum is at another site
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    You need to know a few things before adding or replacing ram.

    What frequency clock speeds of the memory is your laptop compatible with. - you can check your laptop's characteristics at it's manufacture site or manual.
    What type of ram is your laptop compatible with. (ddr, ddr2,ddr3, etc.) - Some laptops can be compatible with more than one type. Again your laptop's particular details should tell which.
    There may be limits to how much ram the laptop (the connectors) can accomodate. (as mentioned above).

    You can also check if the memory is still ok by testing the old laptop with it's memory reinstalled and also checking your newer laptop with the original memory. (To help be sure the memory wasn't fried by static electricity. ) Once you've found out what memory types and frequencies your newer laptop is compatible with, you can usually find plenty of replacements available by searching on amazon. (You can also search by typing "memory upgrade for <your laptop model name>" in the amazon search)
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    Why not just look for everything of that in Google and build your own custom build system and that's it. How does that sounds really ? I am more than sure you will be much more happy that way. It's not that hard really, otherwise these turn-key people will take advantage over you in price;)
  9. It's good that you were even able to install it honestly. I assume it's maybe that it's not that compatible with old one or new one or size of memory not supported by the motherboard or voltage problem or notebook one. Please post here some replies;)
  10. How much RAM should be necessary for a trading computer? I'm currently at 16 GB DDR4 24000 Mhz. I've been looking into updating this, but curious if I need it at all. I do some operations in Excel/SQL which tends to be computer intensive, but my memory usage is never maxed out and seems to peak around 50%.

    I was told that perhaps upgrading my hard drive is better.

    On the other hand, I'm buying a new rig in a while anyway, so might not bother upgrading until that.

    Curious about this anyhow...
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