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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Andre, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. Andre


    Hey, folks...

    Thought maybe I'd harness the power of our internet community... I'm looking for some sound files of a pit or exchange floor with active traders. I'll be using this as a sound bite for a voice-over introduction. I've found one with the opening bell of the NYSE, and that's not too bad, but it's short. A ticker-tape might work too. I need about a minute, I figure, two would be even better.

    Do any of you happen to have some recordings or sound files of a market's ambient noise laying around on your hard drives? Thanks in advance...

  2. Well, since we're living in the age of electronic markets, what about sampling the tone windows plays when it opens one of those error-windows that force you to shut down the PC? Much more adrennaline guaranteed for those who've experienced it already during market hours with a few open contracts...:D

  3. if you don't mind a little oasis thrown into the mix, the intro to www.marketsurfer.com should fit the bill.

    LOL !

    surfer :D