i need help please!

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  1. man what a day! i tryed loggin into IB this morning, no luck, so i ring IB and they say update java to 1.5 and update TWS, well i update java and then when i click on install TWS in the IB software section, it just sits at the file download box and doesnt go into the directory i want to save it in. ive tryed re-installing TWS 4.0, re-booting, checked java is installed, everyone i called doesnt know. it is so frustrating! could someone that is a little more computer savvy than me please help?

    here's a screenshot.
    thanks anyone.
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    Back when I used to use the browser-based TWS, it would occasionally fail to download.

    Usually going to the Java control panel and clearing the cache would fix the problem.

    Also, slower internet connections would frequently time out or whatever and also fail.

    Haven't had any of these problems, and much less upgrade hassle, when I switched to the downloaded to hard drive TWS.
  3. sorry i didnt make it clear in my initial post that i am trying to download the standalone TWS, but it wont fucking do it, im ready to rip my computer out of the wall and chuck it in the pool.
  4. if anyone is feeling nice today, would you mine sending me the latest TWS installation file to my email box, i have a yahoo address with 100MB storage so it should be fine. how would 5years of 1min clean ES data in return appeal to anyone?

    thankyou to anyone who can help me.
  5. First thing I would do is ping ftp.interactivebrokers.com. If you can then I'd try to use an ftp utility to download the file avoiding IE if possible. The URL appears to be


    You could even try typing this into IE and see what happens.

    I don't have a Windows box here so I can't be too specific.
  6. johnny,

    fwiw-I can't dl it either using IE; it dl's nicely when I use Firefox, so I'm guessing something in IE's new security is stopping the dl.

  7. Choad


    Uh oh.

    That is f*cked up.

    I'd send it, but I have a very shitty satellite ISP. It would take hours and probably mess up in the middle any way.

    Maybe you can try and remove all the old Java and TWS and do a complete clean install?

    Just grasping here. It all sounds like a pain in the ass... :(

    edit: hey, doug has an idea. Try using Firefox. I've had to do that with other stuff when IE wouldn't work.

    good luck
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    I'll send it. I need the data. Let me know where.

  9. thanks to everyone who helped, thats what i like about ET. ozzy i pm you.
  10. you have to thank IB for that, it seems like every update means mega headache ahead with noone to help on IB side provided you even get through technical assistance
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