I need help on dealing with Retarded relatives

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  1. Hello,
    I have a few Republican relatives. I find it hard not to laugh at them, ridicule them or just point a finger at them these days, it's just awfully though. 365 EV with Missouri not yet called, 57 Senate seats with Alaska & Minnesota still in play. 85 house seats majority.....
    Any advice ?
  2. Mercor


    The Mentally Retarded The Least of our Brethren
    Jesus Christ Sets forth the test of our fitness to enter eternal life as follows: "As you have done it to these the least of my brethren, you have done it unto me"

    Ease off on the misuse of "Retarded"
  3. Yeah, I'm betting they are extremely proud of you, eh?

    My advice to you is to learn some tolerance. These family members have a right to choose their party. The fact that they chose as they chose does ot make them "stupid" or "laughable". Perhaps they just don't like some of the agenda that the left believes in.

    The fact that the Democrats swept the elections simply shows a rejection of the past 8 years. I suppose you're old enough to remember when the Republicans swept the Congressional elections in 1994. Alot of Democrats went down that year...a 50-60 seat swing as I recall.

    Or maybe you remember studying about the Reagan election in 1980, when he beat the sitting President Jimmy Carter 489-49 in the electoral college. Reagan won 44 states.

    So it happens. The Democrats won this time. Ridiculing your relatives is more your problem than their's.

  4. After reading some of your drivel, I'm totally convinced they think you're a loser.

    There could be no other conclusion.

  5. Don't waste your time, from his other threads i suspect he's an air-headed 16 yo
  6. But he acts like he's 12. That's a good day, though.
  7. Go jump off a tall building?
  8. I can't , I love life. Life has never been that good, The GOP has been ass raped. Quite a sight
  9. May be this might help. You could:

    - ask them to come with you to do some volunteering - may be in a hospital with disable kids. Start with the one with physical disability where they won't be too disturbed - for instance
    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=9LMp4Vu_GXk .

    Leave the severe cases otherwise they'll just scare the kids!:mad:

    - if they don't open their heart ( these kids are really great and very kind and warms), try bringing them to help in a hospital with very very old people. Seeing mortality usually brings home some truths.

    - if they start opening up their heart, then get them involved with helping modest families.
  10. Just got a thought :
    dump them in the middle of Africa.
    No help or whatsoever and only African people to help.

    See if they prefer starving or making friends :D
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