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Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by Gordon G, Aug 13, 2007.

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    As most of you know, all our emails, internet traffic and online data are recorded by our ISPs and are vulnerable to all kinds of snooping, including hackers and I don't know what. So, I really want to secure my internet connection to prevent ID theft first and to prevent anyone of monitoring my surfing habits, which could facilitate the hacking of my financial accounts.

    Now, I'm looking for a reliable online privacy provider. Do you guys have any recommendations?
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    Unless your ISP is your email provider I think the only thing they record is your connectivity to various IP addresses.

    Use of Anonymizer will provide protection after you go through them. However, the only protection you have between your location and the anonymizer site is the Secure Socket Layer Protocol or the secure tunneling option (higher price). Both are adequate protection but I believe that both these encryption techniques have been defeated (publicly acknowledged). Unless what you want to protect is illegal, you are probably safe from snooping.

  4. 1. The US Govt does snoop on internet traffic ... don't you watch TV?

    2. The encryption protocols have not been publically acknowledged as defeated. There have been well publicised breaks of some protocols but you can get good protection from the current set. By the time they could (even) theoretically be broken the information is no longer useful so you can be confident that its not worth it for most of us would get good protection from them.
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    You are correct. TLS 1.0 was publicly acknowledged as being compromised. The current standard, 1.2, has not been publicly compromised.

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    If you are doing things you don't want to become known, then don't do them using email or on the internet.

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    Get a dedicated T1 and connect directly with your trading server. They can't hack you that way and it's worth every penny.
  8. I suppose this is good time to chime in and explain few things to you people

    after all I worked for NSA briefly

    (yes I am a prick with many talents)

    Even dedicated T1 to server can be intercepted and hacked,

    what I am about to write is not classified and is public knowledge, therefore I am not a criminal


    The only way to truly have privacy is to buy a brand new wireless card for your laptop and then spoof your hardware mac address

    after that connect to free wireless network or hack into someone elses.

    do what needs to be done

    and after that you must destroy your wireless card, The reason why is if card is ever found and analyzed in a specific way, it will be connected to you

    as for other security methods, mentioned by others

    ALL ARE CHILD'S play for NSA
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    Gordon G

    Thanks for your suggestions. I have been PMed a discount code for such a service so I'll just give it a try: http://www.perfect-privacy.com/

    I'll keep you updated on how it works.

    BTW, I don't want to hide from the NSA ;), just avoid hackers and having my traffic recorded by my ISP.
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