I need advice on how to allocate my money

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  1. I have $80,000 ready to be used. I am interested in trading e-minis, and also currency. Thing is that since I will only buy an ES contract each session, and maybe a gold or soybeans contract or whatever, and the leverage in both futures and forex is so big, I will have a big chunk of my money not being employed. Therefore I think it is only logical that I also trade stocks. :)

    What annoys me is that I will not be able to trade futures, stocks and forex from just one account. Most brokers do not offer FS&F, and when they do the fees in one of them are not acceptable. So I will have to open two or three accounts (I really hope I can combine futures and stocks, or futures and forex in one account).

    So how would you divide up the assets?

    Let's say that

    One, I trade simultaneously a maximum of three futures contracts (each one of them different from the other)

    and Two, I buy $50,000 in two unrelated currency pairs with a leverage of 100:1.

    How would you allocate the 80K? I would like to use as much as I can for trading stocks, but at the same time I do not want to run out of money in my futures account.

    Any broker related ideas are also welcome.

    Thanks very much. Great forum.
  2. Buy VISA stock. Wait a couple years.
  3. Here is one of the best places to put your money now. Place number 1: under your mattress!
  4. I guess it is easier to answer that, than to answer my question. Thanks for trying anyway. :( :(